Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Alfie and Grandma

My top three things about having kids are:
1. Going to fun places you're not allowed in without children. (I'm looking at you giant slide in soft play.)
2. Dressing them in fancy dress.
3. Children's books. 

I LOVE children's books and have constant urges to buy new ones. We read a lot in our house, first thing in the morning, at snack time, after lunch, and at least 3 books before bed. There's a lot of reading going on. Our current favourites are Don't Spill the Milk, (which has amazing pictures and such a sweet story), Paddington and the Tutti Frutti Rainbow (because it's about ice cream) and The Snail and the Whale (which has recently regained favour after we saw it 'live' at the theatre).

We also have a large collection of Shirley Hughes books. Dogger is definitely in my boy's top 3 Of All Time and Alfie Gets in First will always hold a very special place in my heart because it was the first 'proper' book I read to him where he followed the story, asked questions and really seemed to 'get it'. We still read it from time to time and it had come back in favour this week, which was great timing as we were sent a brand new Alfie book to review!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Special Delivery!

Today the best parcel we've received in a long time dropped through our letterbox.

It came in an ordinary white cardboard box with some boring ordinary post...

But inside was a lovely little package of yumminess! 

That's right. A lovely little cake tin with ACTUAL cake inside!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest Play

Our trip to Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest Play was absolutely and completely totally brilliant!

I have this little toddler Bambi, he is small and very funny. Today we went all the way to actual London to see a play.

We set off bright and early on a commuter train to Paddington, bound for the Southbank Centre's ImagineFest. I was excited about a 'day out' and seeing the play (I'm obsessed with children's theatre!) But for Bambi there were 3 especially brilliant things about the day.

1. We were going on an actual and real life train.
2. Daddy and Baby Duck were NOT coming with us. (We do ever so love them, but a day on our own was a-MAZING!)
3. We were going to PADDINGTON station. As in: Paddington bear would definitely be there. 

... Oh. Umm... About that. Are we all clear the ACTUAL bear won't be there?

Thank goodness for a kind lady who overheard this awkward convo we were having on the train and tapped me on the shoulder to tell me about the Paddington Bear statue. Total life saver! 

The train is going to be yellow and Paddington will be there.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

We love Twinkle

Brace yourselves people. Are you ready to hear my amazing singing superstar in his debut YouTube sensation? Gangnam Style ain't got nothing on my boy... Check it out!

Oh sorry, I forgot to warn you it was SO CUTE YOU MIGHT CRY!

This sing-a-long video was made just for us and you can have one too! The lovely, talented folk at Twinkle will make a video to fit your child singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... even if they get the words, rhythm and tune all wrong (see example above!).

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The real reasons I want to be a stay at home mum

I'm currently a part-time working Mum. I only work 2 days a week (stupidly long days, but only 2) and my self-employed husband takes those 2 days off to look after the boys.

Even only working 2 days is too much for me. I love my job but really, I want to be a stay at home Mum. 

Obviously that's because I miss my boys like crazy when I'm at work. I long to be with them all the time: to witness every tantrum; every poo explosion; every yoghurt explosion; every new food fad; every fist fight; and every suspected concussion.

But missing the kids isn't the real reason I want to be a SAHM.

The REAL reason is this:

This is my change bag (yes. It IS beautiful isn't it. No I did NOT pay for it myself.)

This is my change bag after my husband has looked after my children for a single day. 

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